A little ditty from a fan to his Dad for Father's Day...


Pops, Poppa, Dad, Daddy-O, Big Guy...


I heard of these folks that do pretty cool ties,

And thought this would be a great father's day buy!


Distinctive, unique and so subtly cool,

In the kingdom of ties, this one obviously rules.


But don't wipe your mouth with the end of this one,

Unless, of course, Miss Feeney (the girl on the tie) needs some fun...


Wear it or not, not sure if you will,

But worse comes to worst, just hand it to Phil!


So Pops, Poppa, Dad, Daddy-O, Big-Guy,

Here's to countless more good times shared by you and I!


Happy Father's Day, you stellar guy



Yer Boy







I finally had the opportunity to wear my new Miss Feeney ties. I didn’t realize how nice the tie was as a tie.


I was wearing the platinum Squared Style on Father’s day and the black Dashing Dots for my birthday yesterday and it hit me that these ties are outstanding quality and style. I love how the slight green and black dots on the platinum tie just pop with either an earth toned or black suit. The Dashing Dots tie doesn’t disappoint either, I knew the white dots would look good but I didn’t realize that when the light hits the tie just right the black dots do as well.


I love the compliments I was getting and the looks on everyone’s faces when they wanted to see who made the tie and turned it around, classic.


These ties stand on their own and then throw in the “hidden rebel” feel while wearing them adds to their allure. I personally love the “Vargas Girl” pin-up girls and the Miss Feeney is that classic rat pack era that I feel is going away.


Heard there are some more ladies on the way and I cannot wait to see them.



James Isenhour, TSgt USAF




From Monsters and Critics




Lots of attention to details goes into everything; you can feel the love from every artisan who has touched the item, from inception to the finished product in the client’s hands.


Inspired by her Grandfather, a pioneer in the world of men’s apparel, Marie Kuipers created Miss Feeney’s Finery to pay homage to his life’s work.


Monsters and Critics caught up with Marie Kuipers, and had questions about her beautifully crafted men’s finery:


Marie, Can you dish a bit more on the real Miss Feeney and your Grandfather, who inspired this business?


Marie: The real Miss Feeney was this tiny little thing with a giant orange bouffant 'do; she was already a hundred when I was a kid, thirty years ago.


She was impeccably prim and the ultimate spinster.  She has been ‘re-imagined.’

If the real Miss Feeney looked anything like my Miss Feeney, I'm pretty sure my Grandmother would have strenuously objected!


My grandfather was this amazing, magical man to me. He did everything big. My favorite story about my grandfather is that he came and picked me up from school one day to go for ice cream.   Next thing I knew we were on a plane to Boston. He wanted me to try the best chocolate chip mint he'd ever had, and that just happened to be an airplane ride away. I was home by dinner.


He did stuff like that all the time. He was not at all averse to me and my brothers and cousins missing school for one of his adventures, and he was happiest when the "whole fam-damily" was together.


He had a dark side, too, but we never knew about it until long after he died. I think he had a lot of inner turmoil, like most creative people. I miss him terribly. There's so much I want to ask him. Read More...








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