Miss Feeney's Finery has unveiled their premier line of fashionable men's furnishings, accentuated with a twist from a bye-gone era. Secreted inside the liner of each necktie and fedora is a Kent Steine signature pinup girl. A partnership with Steine was a perfect fit for Miss Feeney's. Steine produces images in the classic pin-up style, with just the right amount of modern appeal.


Miss Feeney's founder, Marie Kuipers, says of Steine's work: "We were looking for an update of the classic Pinup Girl; bringing her into the 21st century while keeping all of her demure, war-era sensuality intact. Kent really gets it." Pinup ties were all the rage in the 1940s and 50s, and it is this trend that inspired the creation of Miss Feeney's Finery.


Our tasteful designs bring back the simple joys of being a gentleman - dressing to impress, knowing what you want (and making no apologies for it), and hinting - subtly, occasionally - at the naughty. Never compromising the good taste and style that sets you apart from the ordinary. In Miss Feeney's Fineries, you're a real swell.


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