Inspired by her Grandfather, a pioneer in the world of men's apparel, Marie Kuipers created Miss Feeney's Finery to pay homage to his life's work. "My Grandfather was constantly seeking new twists to add to his designs – in business and in life, he was always just a little bit of a maverick - ahead of the curve.


The Peek-a-boo Tie was definitely representative of his humor and style. I am truly tickled to be bringing it back. I know he would be, too."


Kuipers is clearly a sentimental gal – as a nod to her beloved Grandfather, fondly known as "Packy", she has chosen to name her company after Miss Florence Feeney, her Grandfather's loyal secretary for over 25 years. "It's my way of honoring my Grandfather's memory and keeping him with me as I reestablish the family tradition of providing top quality products at affordable prices.


Neckties are in my blood," she laughs. It was more than 90 years ago that he started selling his handmade neckties on the streets of New York.  While Marie is selling her ties on the streets of the world via the Internet, her determination to provide the best silks and handmade quality is in the best family tradition.


"If there was anything my Grandfather loved as much as his family, it was neckties." In fact, he wouldn’t have been caught dead without one. Old family photos reveal a gentleman who, even hiking in the mountains or tending to his pet sheep, never went without a necktie and a proper hat. "That’s what I’d like to see return.


The lost ideals of ceremony and decorum that defined the Dandies of that era,” says Kuipers. "It seems quaint, I know – antiquated – but I think people are ready for a return to proper finery. Perhaps not while tending sheep. But as part of their lives. With maybe just a hint of modern sex appeal," she winks.








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